Common Links

Below are a listing of commonly used links that will be helpful to students and parents.  If you do not see what you are looking for, look in the links on the left-hand side of the page.

Report an Absence - Report an absence for illness or request a pre-arranged absence

Infinite Campus - Check grades, attendance, etc.

Infinite Campus Extended Parent Portal  -  Update family/contact information and permissions

Prearranged Absence Forms - Click to fill out a pre-arranged absence form

Staff Directory - Use the search bar and the tabs across the top, then click Find to narrow the search for staff members.

TCA Events Calendar  -  Full listing of school events, such as School Events, Activity Schedule, Sports Schedules, Facility Schedules

Palmarium  -  Monthly Director of Academic Services Newsletter

PayForIt  -  Pay student fees

School Store  -  Purchase your approved Titan gear here!

Connections: Career/College   -  Lots of information about Career and College options

2022-23 High School Course Registration  -  Information on graduation requirements, course catalog, and scheduling

Naviance Family Connection  -  Note: Search by 80921 zip code, choose school, select Student, continue with Single Sign-On greeen button, sign in with your [email protected] and password.

High School or College Pathways Transcript Requests - How to request transcripts

Elementary Student Fees - Fees for field trips and elementary activities

Junior High Student FeesFee schedule for participation in academics, activities, and athletics

High School Student Fees  -  Fee schedule for participation in academics, activities, and athletics

College Pathways Student Fees  -  Fee schedule for College Pathways activities and academics

Cottage School Program Student Fees  -  Fee schedule for courses and field trips

Schoology (20Learn) - Used by Enhanced At-Home Learners and CP online classes as a learning management system

High School Clubs - High School club information

Secondary Counselors' Corner - Information and resources for parents (primarily for secondary parents, but some resources have information for elementary parents as well)

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