Central Elementary Withdrawals

Central Elementary Withdrawals

To withdraw your student from Central Elementary, please complete the form below.

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Please help us have complete records by including as much information as you can regarding the withdrawal, such as City/State moving to - if moving out of the area, or School District moving to - if remaining in this general area.  If you are moving, and your phone number(s) will be disconnected, please give us a contact person/phone number who could help us locate you if we needed to contact you after you move, e.g., grandparent, friend, etc.  Thank you!

*4.  Primary Withdrawal Category:

5.  Additional Comments:

*6.  City/State Moving To (If Applicable): 

*7.  This student will be attending (School Name and Address, if available):
*8.  Which is: 


*9.  Father's Name: 

*10.  Mother's Name: 

*11.  Street Address:
        (Address, City, State, Zip)

*12.  Home Phone: 

*13.  Work/Other Phone: 

14.  What did you like best about TCA?  What are TCA's strong points? (e.g., schedules, curriculum offered or not offered, student like issues, policies/procedures, etc.):

15.  What did you like least about TCA?  What are TCA's weak points?  (e.g., schedules, curriculum offered or not offered, student life issues, policies/procedures, etc.):

16.  How would you rate communication at TCA? (Did you feel heard/not heard? By whom? Types of issues?):

17.  Are there any things you would like to suggest or comment on regarding your enrollment or withdrawal process?

18.  TCA is interested in listening to the reasons that brought you to the decision to withdraw your student(s) in an effort to better support students.  If you would like to have a one-on-one conversation with an administrator about your withdrawal, please enter your email address here: 

I understand that processing this Withdrawal form will withdraw my student from this current year's enrollment, and my student will not be eligible for re-enrollment UNLESS I fill out a new Wait List Application for a future year.  Please be advised that in the TCA Traditional Program, few, if any, new seats become available after 2nd grade - even for siblings or previously enrolled students.

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