Mrs. Greene

Welcome new 8th grade families! I am so excited to meet your students. This web page is a great place for resources for my class. I update handouts, Power Points, and agenda weekly as well as upcoming assignments into Infinite Campus. If your student is missing a handout, or leaves their binder at school, you can print the assignments from the document container found in "Mrs. Greene's handouts." 

Every Friday, I update the schedule on my whiteboard, take a picture of the agenda, and upload it in the "Weekly Agenda" folder. The board lists everything for the current week and the upcoming week. Each month, I will update the calendar with due dates, tests, and quizzes.

Additionally, Infinite Campus contains upcoming assignments with the due dates. I encourage you and your students to pay close attention to the comments section in IC. If your student and I have a conversation about an assignment, or if the assignment is late, I will include a comment about the penalty, and/or new due date. I am fairly firm on my late policy unless there are extenuating circumstances. 

Please feel free to email me with questions or concerns. 

Again, I look forward to sharing my love for literature and writing with your students.

Teresa Greene